Who is watching your Website?

"We no longer worry about cyber attacks, Sentry monitors and protects our systems 24/7"

Is your website secure

Is your Website Secure?

Our cyber security professionals safely simulate the actions of a hacker targeting your website and external facing resources and attempt to exploit critical systems to access sensitive data. Penetration Testing validates the efficiency of your currently deployed security resources and determines how well your system will stand up to an attack.

What you'll receive from our Penetration Testing

- A test that targets anything with a live IP address (servers, firewalls, webservers, and web applications)
- A detailed developer report outlining critical findings and suggested remediation steps that your web team can action
- An executive Summary report detailing the most critical information that the management team can review

"We use Sentry for our E-commerce website platform, it has had a huge positive effect
on our organic online presence"

Easy Installation

Keep your Web Applications and Website Safe

The frequency and strength of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is on the rise. DDoS attacks disrupt normal business operations by degrading website and application performance and availability, sometimes knocking them offline completely. The average hourly cost of downtime due to an infrastructure failure is $100,000 per hour. Attacks of this nature likely lead to customer churn, brand degradation, and lost business. Websites and applications require the resilience and intelligence of a scalable network to combat the biggest and newest attacks.

The Sentry service not only actively monitors for DDoS attacks but also provides protection for the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities including:

- Injection
- Broken Authentication and Session Management
- Sensitive Data Exposure
- XML External Entities (XXE)
- Broken Access Control

- Security Misconfiguration
- Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
- Insecure Deserialization
- Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
- Insufficient Logging & Monitoring

"Using our company intranet portal on a daily basis, Sentry puts my mind at ease knowing competitors and other external users cannot gain access"


Keeping an eye on your Website 24/7

Is your website up and live? Are all website processes running smoothly? What about the online store? Everything should be running properly, from the homepage and shopping cart, all the way to the confirmation page. When it comes to your website uptime is everything, should a potential customer find your site to be offline it can have a significant impact to their perception of you, your services and your business.

With Sentry we monitor the availability of your website, around the clock, 365 days per year. Beyond website uptime we also ask the questions "How much time does it take for your website to load?" and "How do load times change over an extended period of time?". The answers to which help you make informed decision on the development of your website and helps for the basis for future optimisations.

Accelerate website

Accelerate your Website and Web Applications

Heavy pages and long distance from the origin slow down webpages, applications and APIs. Deliver fast, rich user experiences for Internet applications that optimize engagement, increase conversions, and reduce costs.

Website and web application latency and rising infrastructure costs are driven by three main factors:

- Heavy and complex web pages including dense CSS, high-quality images and video, and javascript
- Interactive & personalized dynamic content resulting in more trips to origin infrastructure
- Globally distributed users requiring longer trips to origin infrastructure
- Google found that a mere two-second delay led to more than a 4.3% loss in revenue per visitor, 1 and a one-second delay led to a decrease of 7% in conversion. 2 Slow-loading Internet applications result in degraded brand perception, reduced lifetime customer value, and near-term financial impact, such as lower revenues and higher operational costs.
- Let Sentry help your website and web applications perform as they should when called upon.

"I cannot believe how much our Web App loading times have been effected, so much quicker!"


Deliver the best Mobile Experience to your Customers

Mobile visitors expect fast, rich online experiences which mimic the responsiveness of native applications and it is proven that fast mobile experiences increase engagement and conversions. Unfortunately mobile clients can introduce performance and content delivery constraints which hurt user experiences.

Mobile performance degradation is driven by three main factors:

- Mobile devices offer limited computing, memory, and power
- Cellular network infrastructure is spotty and providers are known to throttle speeds
- Slow mobile experiences result in poor visitor experiences, lower conversions, loss of revenue, and degraded brand perception. 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app if they can't find information or it's too slow
- Let Sentry help deliver the mobile experience your clients expect

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